Simone Kunzle


As a child living in France, Simone Kunzle was mesmerized by her father’s colorful paintings. Recognizing her interest at 11 years old, he began to teach her to draw and paint. Her art medium has evolved from colored pencils, to watercolor an oil. Simone now prefers to express herself with acrylic paint. This east Valley resident’s art has been influenced by living in various parts of the world, including Kenya, Tunis, Nigeria, England and Canada. She has created miniature, colorful depictions of African life on smooth stones. Interestingly, another “canvas” for Simone’s paintings is Ostrich eggs. She decided to paint on the eggs while living in Africa because it was a smooth, white surface and they were plentiful. An ostrich egg source more local than Africa has been discovered here in Arizona, if that type of “canvas” is desired. Since her arrival here in Arizona in early 2007 Simone is painting mainly portraits of animals on stones with acrylic paint. Later she discovered new “canvas” like wood, tiles, pavers and slates. Her current preference is sliced agates and other minerals (like onyx, petrified wood, jasper),sandstone, dendrite and fish fossils. With the paintings on agates and other minerals she can play with the design of the stone, that means she is trying to “marry” her painting with the design of the stone. With sandstones she creates mainly paintings on mosaics and magnets. One of her latest creation is painting on feathers. Recently she started also a collection ofhand painted art cards.