RaGena McSherry

Mixed Media

RaGena is a native of the Pacific Northwest, having moved to Casa Grande, Arizona late in 2017. She discovered stained glass 17 years ago, after a long career in the tele-communications industry. As the accumulation of scraps from her stained glass creations grew, she ventured into mosaics. Most of her work was sold to friends and family, and through art and craft fairs. Some of her works were on display and sold through Eureka Sally’s Art Gallery in Wallace, ID.

Six years ago she took a mixed media course through North Idaho Community College. From that course, a small group of artists continued to meet weekly in home studios to play with different mediums and techniques, sharing ideas, offering support and encouragement to one another. Much of her mixed media work incorporates found objects, repurposed items and her favorite, rusty things.

In 2013, RaGena suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and subsequent brain surgery, due to a ruptured brain aneurysm. Unable to work with glass during the first couple years of her recovery, she used mixed media as a form of therapy. Through paintings, assemblages, and collages she was able to work through her frustrations and emotions surrounding this life changing event. After a long 4 years, she is now able to work with glass again, yet continues to express herself through mixed media.