Rachel Nabet

Needle Felting, Wool Painting and Sculpture

Rachel Nabet is a self-taught fiber artist, and sole creator at RedRooster Felt. Currently residing in San Tan Valley, Arizona. 

Rachel's inspiration comes from her love of nature, color and imagination, which have an enormous influence on her work. Rachel started her artistic path creating 3-D wool sculptures, but after a few years discovered wool painting, a 2-D platform. 

Over the past years, Rachel has worked to develop her distinct style of needle felting that she calls "painting with wool." With this style, instead of using paint and a brush, she uses wool fibers and a barbed felting needle to create effects of layering color, as well as creating texture and depth. She strives to push the boundaries of this fiber art by creating nature inspired pieces, that are packed with color, personality, and realism. 


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