• Jennifer Krueger

Conception Arts Show Phoenix

Earlier this month our Board President, Arti Jain, was asked to be a member of the jury at the Conception Arts Show in Phoenix, AZ. Conception is "a global movement: one that is not just trying to make a difference for each artist who participates, but also for the community at large. Our mission is to reshape and re-energize artistic communities around the world. To inspire ideas and provide a greenhouse for creativity and to nurture and mentor the creative ground-breakers of tomorrow." Conception was developed in New York City and has exhibited the " work of thousands of artists throughout the U.S. and UK with plans to expand into Europe in 2017."

It was a great pleasure and opportunity to have the San Tan Artists Guild represented at the Conception Arts Show Phoenix, especially with our Board President as our representative. We hope to work with Conception again soon!

Please visit their website by clicking HERE to learn more!

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