San Tan Artists Guild accepts new members throughout the year

Artist Membership ($50):

  • Eligible to attend San Tan Artists Guild workshops and meetings

  • Artists listing with links to your site/social media

  • Promote your shows on our events page and Facebook

  • Access to our list of State wide shows

  • Can go through the jury process at any time to become eligible for San Tan Guild hosted shows.

Art Appreciator ($30):

  • Eligible to attend San Tan Artists Guild workshops and meetings.

  • Eligible to volunteer at San Tan Artists Guild shows.

  • Eligible to hear guest speakers, attend lectures, and all Guild activities

  • Students are encouraged to apply for this membership


Email for an application today!


Artist Membership:

Fine Artists and Applied Artists are encouraged to apply to be a member of the Guild. Artists working in all media and at any stages of their careers are welcome.

  • You do not have to limit yourself to one media. However, no commercially made products, imports, or factory produced items are allowed. Finished art must be at least 75% your own work. Using components that are commercially made such as kits, molds or mass-produced items are prohibited.

  • Functional crafts are not accepted into the San Tan Artists Guild. This includes but is not limited to: quilting, scrapbooking, stenciling, etc. 

  • You will be asked to fill out a membership form.

  • In addition, you will need to submit:

    • Three to six high definition digital images (.jpeg or .png) of your work.

      • NOTE: All art must be designed and executed by the applying artist. If the artist’s artwork is a collaboration with another artist, the other artist’s information must be supplied with the submission(s) to be juried.

    • General and art-specific biography or artist statement.

  • If juried into STAG, the artist will receive a letter of acceptance via email, asked to pay the membership fee and attend the next scheduled monthly meeting to be formally introduced to STAG members. Membership dues are $50.00 per artist.

  • Please Note:

    • Becoming an Artist Member does not guarantee a spot in San Tan Artists Guild hosted shows. To ensure a quality level of art in our hosted shows, new members must go through a juried process to be eligible. We try to balance they type of art at our shows (painting, jewelry, etc) so shoppers are not overwhelmed by one media.

    • When participating in a San Tan Artists Guild hosted show, you are required to have a white pop-up tent and a professional display.

Art Appreciator:

Art appreciators are individuals who wish to support the Guild's efforts within the art community, but are not artists themselves or would not like to participate in shows. 

  • You will be asked to fill out the membership form.
  • Art appreciators can attend monthly meetings, hear guest speakers, and participate in Guild activities. 

  • Students are encouraged to apply for this membership. 

  • Art Appreciator dues are $30.00 per year.

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