Lillian Hillis

Watercolor & Acrylic

I am an artist who doesn’t know when to stop – trying out different crafts, that is. It must be in my DNA that I feel a need to create something unique and beautiful from raw materials.  

At a very young age, my mother taught me the needle crafts.  From embroidery to sewing, this set the stage for what was to follow. For some reason, I was later “drawn” to drawing and was never more happy than when I had a pencil in my hand to draw dogs or horses or people when I wasn’t doodling. In high school, I drew in charcoal and made pottery and jewelry. This led to what I thought would be an art degree, only to switch mid-stream to Business Administration and a career in Information Technology.  But I never quit being an artist.

I dabbled at watercolor and acrylic painting in midlife but found little time for it. Then my sister introduced me to jewelry making, which has fit nicely into my schedule for some 15 years.  My favorite type of beading is peyote and other needle stitched forms since it comes so naturally.

Now that I’m retired, I’ve taken up painting again. In between, I sew felted mittens, process and spin wool and cotton, do needle felting, and make woven items. The baskets and gourds are waiting until I run out of fiber or paint supplies. They may be waiting a long time.

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