Lonnie Hurst


Lonnie has been summed up through a feedback exercise as being a coach, a leader and creative. Today Lonnie owns Synthesis, LLC, which includes two separate companies: Coaching Synthesis; and Wood Synthesis.

Lonnie’s success occurs by bringing new ideas, strategies, processes, materials, and
creativity together to develop new and distinctive entities – whether people or art.


Wood Synthesis allows Lonnie to have an outlet to sell the functional art he makes. In late 2013 Lonnie moved to Queen Creek, Arizona. His new work shops include a complete wood shop, a metal working area, paint booth and a photo  studio. Wood Synthesis takes Lonnie’s engineering and design background, creativity and woodworking skills and allows him to take raw and natural materials and create distinctive and functional art for the discerning buyer.


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cover photo courtesy of Gloria Anderson; GoDogPhoto.com