Karen Pollock

Acrylic on Denim

I grew up in Solon, Ohio; and received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1984 from BGSU. My specialization was Graphic Design, with a Minor in Psych. Following graduation, the natural current merged me into Corporate America. I began as a Graphic Artist and was promoted to Art Director within 2 years. Moving to the Colorado Foothills in ‘93, I continued in the field. In 1995; my husband, son and I moved to Amsterdam for 4 years.

Upon returning to the states, I realized the technology in my field had surpassed me. Our son, Adam, was now in elementary school and I needed to find my new niche. I found it by teaching Art at our local Montessori. This pursuit was followed by a 2 year stint, counseling and tutoring ‘at-risk’ high school students.

We moved to Vancouver, BC in 2004. I became immediately involved in the Point Artisan Guild; and was honored to be chairman of the board from 2006-2013.

Keith and I made Arizona our permanent residence in ‘14. I have hosted a number of Art Therapy classes at EnCanterra... but am continually compelled to embrace my own Fine Arts roots. 

My current passion is unique, hand-painted denim.