Mary Kabanuk

Acrylics and Oils

Mary Moved from WA state to AZ nearly 18 years ago.  She has always been intrigued and drawn to artistic endeavors.  She devoted her life to her husband and two sons as well as working in the exciting world of medicine as a full time RN.  She continued her love of owning and raising horses.  She sought out exciting journeys for her family which included many camping trips throughout the Pacific Northwest, Canada and Arizona. 


After retirement, she decided to reinvent her life as a professional artist.  She moved forward but at the same time, returned to her early years of drawing and creating images. High school and college art classes were rekindled at the Milan Art Institute where she found classical training in drawing and painting.  She has developed a style that might be described as romantic western fauvism.  She depicts the natural environment with colorful images of southwest mountains, hills and animals.  She works with inks, spray paint, acrylics and oils to obtain rich color and depth. 

She feels that life continues on in directions that are exciting and innovative.  She expresses her life-long passion for art as an inspiration to older adults as well as encouragement for children, especially her 12 year old granddaughter who is following in her footsteps.  She states “Art is perseverance combined with love on canvas.”  She continues to flourish as a professional artist creating colorful images on canvas from her AZ.  Equestrian ranch home and studio.