Guild Membership Request Form

Before filling out the form please note the following:

  • You do not have to limit yourself to one media. However, no commercially made products, imports, or factory produced items are allowed. Finished art must be at least 75% your own work. Using components that are commercially made such as kits, molds or mass-produced items are prohibited.

  • To be listed in the Artists section, please email:

    • One to six high definition digital images (.jpeg or .png) of your work to 

      • All art must be designed and executed by the applying artist. If the artist’s artwork is a collaboration with another artist, the other artist’s information must be supplied with the submission(s) to be juried.

    • General and art-specific biography or artist statement.

  • Membership dues is $50.00 per artist. Make checks payable to S.T.A.G and mail it to:

San Tan Artists Guild
c/o Raven Wright
1236 N. 46th St
Mesa, AZ 85205


  • Please Also Note:

    • As an associate member, you are not eligible for San Tan Artists Guild hosted shows. However, you may go through the jury process at any time to become a jurried member at no additional cost.

    • Becoming a juried member does not guarantee a spot in San Tan Artists Guild hosted shows. We try to balance they type of art at our shows (painting, jewelry, etc) so shoppers are not overwhelmed by one media.

    • When participating in a San Tan Artists Guild hosted show, you are required to have a white pop-up tent and a professional display.